Famous Rotarians

Belgian King Baudouin I

Bernhard Prinz (The Netherlands)

Prince Frederik (Denmark)

Sir Winston Churchill

King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden

Peruvian President Fernando B. Teri,

Nicaraguan President Lorenzo Gutierrez

US President Franklin D. Roosevelt

US President Warren Harding

US President Woodrow Wilson

US President Gerald Ford

US President John F. Kennedy

Cosmonaut, the first man on the moon Neil Armstrong

German Foreign Minister Hans-Dietrich Genscher

Foreign Minister Jan Masaryk of Czechoslovakia

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Thailand scourge Rattakul

Leopoldo Pirelli

British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher

Franz Lehar

Thomas Mann

Konosuke Matsushita

Prince Tsuneosi Takeda (Japan),

French Prime Minister Michel Debre

Inventor Thomas Edison

Angela Merkel, Federal Chancellor

Animator and director of Walt Disney

Creator Sointreau liquor and its production capacity Max Cointreau

Italian fashion designer Emilio Pucci

The creator and owner of a chain of fast food KFC Harland Sanders

Creator of Microsoft, Inc. Bill Gates

… and a lot of talented, professional and well-known people who have dedicated themselves to the service of the world community!